The real heart of the world perfume capital is the small town of Grasse situated northwest of Nice. Some 20 Kms from the coast and at an altitude of 350 meters, Grasse enjoys a mild mediterranean climat.
Flowers have given Grasse its aristocratic title. There was a time when the city was graced with the breathtaking sight and heady perfume of gardens and flower fields filled with jasmine, rose and tuberose. Today, some twenty farmers cultivate such flower fields and some gardens are conceived so as to preserve this heritage.
Once upon a time... Back in the middle age, Grasse was famous for its tanners. The soft leather and the genuine know how of the craftsmen hade only one disadvantage, a horrible smell from the skins.
At the time of Renaissance the perfumer Gallimard had an idea for solving this. He made a pair of perfumed gloves that he gave to Catherine de Medici. She introduced a fashion for perfumes into France and Grasse became the birthplace of perfume...