Shea butter is favoured for its unique blend of vitamins and minerals, which deliver a nurturing infusion of moisture. Derived from the karite shea tree, which is native to regions of Africa, raw shea butter is an abundant source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.Shea butter is a potent moisturizer, beloved for it's lush nutty aroma.The essential fatty acids combine with Vitamins A and E to deliver anti-aging and anti- inflammatory properties, making shea butter a popular ingredient in smoothing wrinkle creams and moisturizing soaps. Notably, raw shea butter is favoured over the processed variant, which is almost entirely sapped of its potency during processing.Unlike many soap products, which dry skin and exacerbate flaking, itching and peeling, My Happy Soaps products contain only the finest raw organic shea butter to nurture and smooth your skin. Raw shea butter is just one of the many wonderful natural ingredients that we've included in our one of a kind product line.